“I tell you most solemnly, whoever listens to my words and believes in the one who sent me has eternal life.”  John 5:24a

My husband never gave up his faith that God would heal him of a disease that, even to this day, is regarded as incurable.  My faith was weakened as I watched the progression of the disease destroy the body of a once athletic man I loved so dearly.  At a weekend retreat healing mass, I witnessed a physical healing of his atrophied leg.  Following the weekend God did take him and I am sure gave him the ultimate of all healing.

I had lost my faith and would be an atheist to this day if God had not allowed me to witness that physical healing.  God performed a miracle in both of our lives that weekend.  No one will ever convince me to believe in anyone other than my Lord Jesus Christ.

Doris A.

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March: week #2
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