“There are in the end three things that last:  faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.”  I Corinthians 13:13

As a young girl I had no understanding of faith, hope or love.  I felt my life begin not at birth but when I was born again.  I was the twelfth child in a family of thirteen children.  When I was about the age of seven, childhood diseases of pneumonia and whooping cough took my life.

For what seemed to be a very short but wonderful experience I encountered Jesus and experienced His love.  I’ll always remember the feeling of being separated from my body.  I was above looking down.  I could see myself lying peacefully on a hospital bed under an oxygen tent.  There were no feelings of sadness or fear.  Suddenly I was in the presence of a great light that had an image and shape of a man.

An overwhelming sense of love embraced me.  Without a word spoken, I knew He was sending me back.  I wanted to stay, but now I had a desire to live.  Jesus made himself known to me and I was given the gift of faith, of hope, and the greatest feeling of love.  That experience carried me into adulthood.

Marilyn E.

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April: week #4
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