“Even So, Faith, if it has no works is dead.”  James 2:17

Faith is our spiritual muscle.  Muscles need to be used or else they weaken and gradually disappear.  On the other hand, if you regularly challenge a muscle with work it grows bringing beauty, strength and endurance to the body.

So too must our faith be regularly challenged, or it will weaken until there is no evidence that it exists.  How do we work-out our faith?  When we depend on the Lord during a challenge, we experience the power of the living God in a greater way and our faith grows stronger.  The Lord wants us to take risks for His name’s sake.  He calls on us to depend on Him.  However, it is in our nature to avoid risks, because they almost always take us out of our comfort zone into something unpleasant.

In faith we can choose to take time out of our busy lives for prayer, scripture, and worship.  In faith we can choose to not retaliate in anger.  In faith we can choose to pray in Jesus’ name with a person in need.  In faith we can give trustingly of our time and resources to those in need.  Acting on our faith brings holiness, strength and endurance to the Body of Christ.

If you have been feeling spiritually dead, ask the Lord to show you how you can exercise your faith.  He promises to answer in great and mighty ways of which you do not know!

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