“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, and whoever believes would have eternal salvation.”  John 3:16

Did you ever offer up a silent prayer in the midst of a stormy discussion?  That was the case the night Johnny, my son, then a teenager, and myself had some heated and tearful words.  My prayer was, “Lord please keep our hearts soft, and if there’s just one important thing You want him to know about You, You’ll make it clear.”

The main issue discussed was about my relationship with God.  Johnny didn’t like the new religious Mom who went to church each Sunday.  He didn’t like his Dad going over to the other side, to become a faithful churchgoer.  He especially didn’t like the new house rule:  If Dad goes to church, everyone goes!

Johnny thought the bible study would be a passing fancy like other past hobbies.  He resented and accused me of wanting him to carry around a John 3:16 sign.  Johnny explained that this was the sign held up at sporting events.  He was amazed when I told him I had never noticed such a sign.

I wondered about the deep hurt Johnny felt and what John 3:16 was.  As I read the scripture, I praised God for the amazing way He answered my prayer.  You see, that night I heard Johnny explain that John 3:16 was the one scripture our whole Christian belief is based on.

Pat H.

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August: week #4
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