“When you call to me and come to plead with me I will listen to you.”  Jeremiah 29:12

Before I knew Jesus in a personal way, I was very prideful, controlling, and easily offended.  I was not a very happy person.  I was distant from people, even my husband and God.  I was broken-hearted, weary and discouraged.  These things manifested in my life in different ways:  I was critical of my neighbors.  I thought they should stay home and keep order, instead of visiting each other.  Even when our children were grown adults and married, I was still telling them how to live their lives.  I took offense to certain things that were said and harbored the hurt within me instead of letting go.  This is how Satan held me in bondage.

One day, I came home from one of my many meetings, totally exhausted from carrying these heavy burdens and a sense of desperation took over.  I fell to my knees and cried: “I need you God, please help me!”  He heard my desperate plea, and I heard Him say:  “Helen, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.”  I fell prostrate and began sobbing uncontrollably for what seemed a very long time.  The moment I stopped, I experienced the most incredible overwhelming love.  A healing love surged through me and God restored my heart.

Helen B.

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February: week #3
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