Your heavenly Father knows all that you need.  Seek first his kingship over you, his way of holiness, and all these things will be given you besides.”  Matthew 32b-33

When I first heard people say they had “surrendered their life to Jesus,” I had no idea of what they meant.  I didn’t understand how a person could know what God wanted them to do, nor could I imagine surrendering my plans for my life to anyone, not even God.

After studying scripture and spending more time in quiet prayer, I began to see God as a loving Father who wanted the best for me.  One day I made a conscious decision not to manipulate the outcome of a particular situation.  I prayed, turned it over to the Lord, and waited to see what He did.  To my surprise, everything turned out just as I had hoped, and I didn’t have to worry or do a thing!  The Lord did it all by Himself!

I began spending more time in prayer and less time in worry.  I surrendered to the Lord more and greater things.  I experienced such freedom knowing that someone greater than myself could do a better job of running my life than I could.  Now I trust the Lord with all things, both big and small.  I go to Him in prayer, give Him my troubles, my hopes, dreams and fears, and then wait patiently to see what His plans are for me.

Cathee S.

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September: week #2
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